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Silicon Carbide Bearings


JJISCO provides custom designs to meet your specific size and shape requirements. Silicon carbide bearings will operate at temperatures up to 1,900 ºF in corrosive or abrasive environments. As the Leading Edge organization, JJISCO is committed to developing new grades of materials that address the ever-changing needs of each industry. JJISCO products are designed to aid maintenance personnel by reducing the frequency of bearing replacement, minimizing down time, and increasing production. JJISCO supplies various grades of bearing material, more styles of bearing types, and more types of assembly hardware than most in the industry.

  • Journal Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Guide Bearings
  • Straight, Multiple, & Helical Lubrication Grooves

JJISCO Bearings offer superior material for your hardest applications. Based on requirements, our AlphaLAST®111, UltraLAST®121, or G LAST®151 grades are the material of choice:

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  • Superior Hardness and High Strength
  • High Abrasion and Wear Resistance
  • Extreme Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
  • High Standard Alpha grade - AlphaLAST
  • Lubricity where required - UltraLAST
  • Free graphite interdispersed - G LAST

In thrust and journal bearings, wear can occur due to diverse conditions, abrasive media, slurries, and shaft deflections. This may ultimately cause a complete failure of the bearing. JJISCO SiC is an extremely hard and wear resistant material. Maximum PV (pressure - velocity) exceeds 1 million psi ft/min.

Please contact us further for your specific application requirements.

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