Nickel Binder Tungsten Carbide (WC-Ni)


NiLAST® is a tungsten carbide with a nickel binder matrix. Made from a uniform fine grain structure, it is a workhorse for corrosion and wear resistance where chemical attack or FDA requirements exist.

  • Superior performance in sealing and dynamic applications
  • World-class technology for extremely uniform fine grains
  • Superior hardness and high strength
  • High abrasion and wear resistance
  • Extreme corrosion resistance versus cobalt binders

JJISCO NiLAST tungsten carbide provides performance where both standard and complex geometries are involved:

Seal Faces  •  Bushings  •  Nozzles  •  Wear Pads  •  Wear Rings  •  Special Geometry  • Thrust Washers

JJISCO NiLAST is comparable to the world leading manufacturers. Below are typical property values:

JJISCO NiLAST offers superior performance for your most demanding applications.

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