JJISCO EnerLAST® components are the preferred material/part combination for oil and gas applications. We offer a wide range of extremely corrosion-resistant, heat-stable, and reliable components for use in downhole equipment. Our products utilize various grades of heavy duty hard materials, including zirconia, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, ceramics, and custom material blends. JJISCO EnerLAST components provide close-tolerance parts, engineered for harsh environments, and aim to reduce the frequency of down time.


♦ Hydraulic Fracturing: Frac Plug Buttons, Perf Sleeves, Rupture Discs, Nozzles, Domes   

♦ Pump: Cylinder Liners, Seal Faces, Bushings, Wear Rings, Assemblies   

♦ Completion: Seats, Discs, Choke Valve Trim/Components, Gates   




We provide standard and custom designs to meet your specific size and shape requirements.   

Please contact us with your application requirements or to request a JJISCO brochure.   


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JJISCO has earned the reputation for providing leading edge components to a diverse range of markets. These varied industries demand components from Silicon Carbide engineered materials.


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